Food For Thought Outreach FL

Volunteer and Supporter

At Food For Thought, our mission is to enable children to focus on their development and education by removing the fear and insecurity that comes from not knowing if they will get enough to eat, and, in some cases, knowing that they will not.

Many children suffer from what the USDA officially refers to as “Food Insecurity”, which means they regularly go hungry because their families do not have enough money to buy food. Public schools receive government assistance to provide breakfast and lunch for these children on school days, but when school is out on the weekends, the children must fend for themselves, or they make do with one or two low-cost foods because their families cannot afford to provide balanced meals.

This is where we begin.

By providing these children with a simple backpack filled with healthy, easy-to-prepare food on these two days, we bridge the weekend gap. By providing fresh fruit, whole grains and protein we are supporting their physical development and empowering them to grow into productive students and healthy, happy children.

Children’s Volunteer Health Network

Board of Directors 2014 – Present

Children’s Volunteer Health Network began in 2005, when one little boy’s crooked smile touched the heart of Tricia Carlisle-Northcutt. Tricia volunteered at an outreach program at her church, and every Tuesday, Tyler and his little brother were there “only for the cookies,” he would say. Tyler was disruptive, funny and had great leadership potential, but his jumbled mouth of teeth caused him emotional pain. He was called “Monster Mouth” and ridiculed by other children and, in turn, became a bully and show off. He was routinely suspended from school for fighting. Over a period of a few months, Tricia knew that Tyler needed to be helped or he would be a lost child. She also believed there were many more children like Tyler who could not afford dental or medical health care. Through a lot of prayer and research, the idea for Children’s Volunteer Health Network was born.

Volunteer doctors and dentists could donate their time, and volunteers would make sure the kids got to their appointments. In theory, it sounded great. Getting there was going to be a Herculean task. Tricia called 3 people in her church community and asked them to help form this faith based organization. All three of them said, “let’s do it!” The next step was convincing an orthodontist to see Tyler at no cost. With the first phone call placed and Tyler’s story shared, Dr. Runnels said, “Yes!” Tyler would get his braces. From that day forward, there was no going back. And for Tyler it was life changing. His grades improved, he became manager of his wrestling team and he learned that there was an entire community that cared for him.