Choosing to buy a new home can be an exciting endeavor. But before you sign and back the moving truck in, consider these thoughts and factors for a smooth purchase without any negative surprises.

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Why it’s a great idea to buy a new home

  •  The smell and feel of a new home is invigorating.
  •  A new home is a blank canvas. You can often customize during the construction process.
  •  New homes are built to stricter building codes versus older homes.
  •  New homes are generally more energy efficient and offer cheaper monthly bills than a similarly sized home built in the past.
  •  New homes require less maintenance.


What to what out for when buying a new home

  • Read the fine print. Like all documents in which you place you John Hancock, read the builders contract over. All of it.
  • DO NOT close on your new home unless all repairs and discrepancies have been remedied.
  • Get everything in writing. If you want it, get it in writing.
  • Be aware of what is actually included in the purchase price, and what is an extra upgrade.
  • Ask the builder if there are any incentives they are offering.
  • Before choosing to use the builder attractive financing options, sometimes it is not the best option over time.
  • Be sure to have your new home inspected by a certified inspector during and after construction.

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