Homes on the Destin Harbor

Aside from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, emerald-green waters, and white sandy Beaches, Destin is also known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. Home to Florida’s largest and most elaborately equipped commercial fishing fleet, a handful of lucky (read “blessed”) residents of Destin have established their homes directly on the Destin Harbor and canals.

Holiday Isle, Destin


As seen in the picture above, the Destin Harbor is formed and protected by a strip of land (technically a sand spit) collectively known as Holiday Isle.

The picture below was taken in the 1980’s from the mouth of the Destin harbor. Holiday Isle (Norriego Point) on the right.

Destin the way it was


 What Is So Great About Living On The Destin Harbor?

1.) Living on the Destin Harbor allows homeowners to park their boat (or yachts) in the back yard, while still being able to golf cart or walk to the beach

2.) The Destin Harbor Water Taxi – A boat taxi that will take you anywhere on the harbor and back, even in the wee hours of the morning.

3.) The Destin Harbor is a very unique geographical feature.

4.) If you decide you want to go fishing or spearfishing instead of work today, your boat is already in the water

5.) Holiday Isle is slower than most parts of Destin. If you are looking to avoid a bit of the rush,  love fishing and the beach, the Holiday Isle is your choice.

What Homes are Available On the Market?

(Opportunities to build your dream home next)

Opportunities to Build Your Dream Home (vacant lots)


Picture Gallery of Holiday Isle Below!

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Don’t Just Visit… Live Here.


The Future of Homes on the Destin Harbor

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