Can I use any real estate agent I want? Should I? Do I have to call the agent on the sign? How do I find the best agent?

Who can answer these questions?

I can. Keep Reading.

Should I Use A Real Estate Agent That Works Where I Want To Buy?

It should strongly be considered.

Let’s Say you live in Crestview or Pensacola and want to Move the Destin or South Walton. Why would it be important to find and use an agent that works in Destin or South Walton over your hometown? For starters, unless your current agent has recently lived in this area, he/she will be “out of the loop” about sales trends, county ordinances, future changes, new developments, better deals coming down the road, and everything else that comes with working in an area day-to-day. At Beachy Beach, we have offices in Destin, on 30A, and Panama City Beach and work in collaboration because we know the power of proximity and knowledge.


Finding The “Right” Realtor

What’s right for Joe, might not be right for Moe.

If you noticed my use of language, you’ll catch that I said the word “right” just before Realtor. This is to dispose of the notion that working with just any real estate agent will work fine and encourage you to search for someone that matches your personality style, is ambitious, and trustworthy. In a nutshell, you will want to find someone who will be a great in a working-relationship. Naturally, as the real estate market picks up, more sales happen, and everyone and their mother wants a piece of the pie. This creates a somewhat flooded real estate market of people (read newbies) who are just in the game to make a quick buck and often lack the drive, know-how, and experience to help you navigate to the closing table effectively and safely.


Why Should I Use An Agent to Begin with?

It’s a no-brainer.

My first response would be, why not? As a buyer, you are not responsible for paying the paying your real estate agent a dime. To be more specific and accurate, while you are paying for the property, the seller uses his home proceeds to pay the real estate agent(s) their commissions.

Secondly, using Trulia, Zillow, and other third party sites are highly inaccurate in property valuations, and are sometimes two weeks or more behind schedule of the Multiple Listing Service that Realtors use. This means that the home you love could have been sold weeks ago, and is telling you it is only worth 60% of market value. Fix: Find a real estate agent and be as specific as possible as to what you are looking for, what you want (not critical), and what you need (critical).

Third, a great agent will be able to work much more efficiently trying to find your home, negotiating factors of the sale, and help you find all the pertinent details of the home.


Should I Call The Listing Agent? Or Can I Use Another Realtor?


If you are the kind of buyer that loves to drive around and look at homes, It is important to know that you DO NOT have to use the listing agent on the sign. Although many agents love to tell prospective buyers that they can “negotiate the best deal” for them over another agent, this is often a tactic to make a few extra bucks and cut out any other agents. While it is just fine to use the listing agent as your agent in most cases (save single agent situations), always remember that the sellers agent has established a working relationship with them and has been hired to help them get the most for their property.

How Do I Find The Agent For Me?

A little asking goes a long way.

While it is tempting to google “best real estate agent in blah-blah-blah”, the only answers you will get are those that pay the most to have their name listed first. Not likely to get the best answers. To truly get a list of the “best” agents around town, ask around a bit. Ask several people you know who has recently purchased property in that area. Look for the movers and shakers who are ready, eager, and light-up when you meet them. To find the “right” agent for you, this will require a bit of looking in the mirror rather that at the computer screen. Instead of settling, how much better would it be if you created a friendship out of the whole deal?


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